Best restaurants in Boquete

Welcome to Villa Alejandro Hotel’s Ultimate Restaurant Guide: Your Gateway to Boquete’s Best Eateries! Delight in an exquisite culinary journey through Boquete, Panama, with our meticulously curated guide.

Discover top-rated restaurants, charming cafes, and hidden culinary gems that showcase the rich tapestry of flavors this charming town has to offer. Whether you’re seeking traditional Panamanian cuisine, international fusion, or farm-to-table freshness, our guide is your key to unlocking a world of delectable experiences. Join us as we explore Boquete’s vibrant dining scene, thoughtfully crafted by Villa Alejandro Hotel, your premier destination for unforgettable moments and unforgettable meals.

Breakfast in Boquete

Sugar and Spice Boquete
Boquete’s favorite bakery! Serving breakfast, lunch and takeaway bread & cakes.

Sugar and Spice is more like a diner than a restaurant, with sandwiches, salads and pastries, plus a few Mexican dishes included on the menu.

This is a great place to start your day and where you’ll find many expats enjoying breakfast.

Sugar and Spice Location
Sugar and Spice website

The Rock Restaurant

Enjoy a delicious breakfast at The Rock, next to the Palo Alto River. From 7:00 am to 11:00am, savor delicious dishes in this idyllic setting that will awaken your senses.

The Rock Location
The Rock Boquete website

Malu Cafe & Bakery
Modern Panamanian Diner serving breakfast, brunch and lunch. The varied menu is affordable with a great choice of salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and delicious desserts..

Malu Cafe Location
Malu Cafe & Bakery Facebook page

Restaurante Olga’s
Serving breakfast and lunch! Expect a warm Panamanian welcome from the owner.

The varied menu serves Panamanian, American and Panamerican lunch and breakfast at great prices. Whatever you choose, it will be delicious.

Restaurante Olga Location
Restaurante Olga on Facebook page

Boquete Sandwich Shop

Western style diner, great place for breakfast and lunch. Reasonable prices, very common in the american community.

Boquete Sandwich Shop Location
Boquete Sandwich Shop on Facebook

Cheap & Cheerful Eateries

El Sabrozon
One of the cheapest meals you can find around and not bad for the price! It is a self service restaurant so nothing fancy. Rice, beans and meat!

El Sabroson Location
El Sabroson on Instagram


The best pizza in town is served in this small but welcoming eatery. The pizza is baked over a wood stove and the menu offers great value for money.

Apizza Location
Apizza website

Cafe Boquete By Big Food Grill

This is a no-frills eatery. Basic but serving great food. It’s located just behind the police station.

Cafe Boquete Location

Tacos Rudos

Simply amazing. Always start with the Guacamole. Then just pick a taco, you want. They are all great, have a few beers and you will have a good time.

Tacos Rudos Location
Tacos Rudos Instagram

El Patron del Shawarma

“Move over burgers, there’s a new sheriff in town and its name is Shawarma! If you haven’t tried this heavenly creation, you’re missing out on life. It’s like a party in your mouth and everyone’s invited! Great libanese food.

Patron del Shawarma Location
Patron del Shawarma Instagram

Mid-range price Eateries

RetroGusto Restaurant & Bar

This popular Italian restaurant enjoys an amiable atmosphere and serves great food. Our number one choice if you are in the mood for Italian food.

RetroGusto Location
RetroGuesto website

La Cueva del Pitufo

Don’t let looks deceive you! Restaurante de mariscos La Cueva del Pitufo is the  best place for seafood in town. Small but cozy, great Peruvian food. Try pulpo al carbon and ceviches!

Restaurante de mariscos La Cueva del Pitufo – Location
La Cueva del Pitufo – Facebook 

Il Pianista

Little Italian restaurant at the base of the Pianista hike, out of town, 10 minutes by car. Best known for their wood-fired pizza. Extraordinary terrace, located by a waterfall that flows into a stream, lush green landscape.

Il Pianista – Location
Il Pianista – Facebook 

Donde Giselle

Amazing Panamanian food. With its authentic flavors and warm ambiance, it’s the perfect spot to satisfy your cravings, you will get a great cuisine dining experience. Buen provecho!

Donde Giselle Location
Donde Giselle Instagram

Big Daddy’s

Good casual restaurant, make sure to sit in the pretty outdoor area around back. Large menu with good variety. Very common in the american community.
Try the boom boom shrimp burger and the barbecue burger with pulled pork and bacon.

Big Daddy’s Location
Big Daddy’s Instagram

Fine Dining Restaurants

Butcher Chophouse

“I hate reality but it’s still the best place to get a good steak” Woody Allen. 

If you are in the mood for a steak head to the Butcher Chophouse. Serving meat cuts from five counties, this is fast becoming one of Boquete’s favorite places to dine. The food is great, as is the presentation and service.

Butcher Chophouse Location
Butcher Chophouse on Facebook


The cuisine of the oldest restaurant in Boquete is delicious! With its renowned restaurant T’ach and the delicious selection of desserts, the chocolate cake and the lemon pie are the best.

Panamonte Location
Panamonte Instagram

The Rock Restaurant

The Rock presents fine dining in an idyllic location. Out of town, about 8 minutes by car, but worth the trip. Perfect for romantic date nights or family lunch. Inside and outside sitting. Plus a fireplace and an outdoor wooden deck beside a garden overlooking the river in the back area. The Rock serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Rock Location
The Rock Boquete website

Boquete Coffee Shops

Cafe Unido

Nice riverside cafe and cozy outdoor seating.  The milk froth is prepared quite professionally.

Cafe Unido Location
Cafe Unido Website

Altieri Specialty Coffee

Boquetes most fancy Coffee show room with integrated coffeeshop and breathtaking view to the highlands of Boquete. Our number 1 coffeplace in Boquete. Excellent coffee, the selfmade brownies are a must. 10 minutes drive from downtown.

Buckle Tip Coffee

Wonderful little coffee joint, tiny but charming. Small variety of snacks as well. Located right beside the town square: The guys know their stuff about coffee and there is an excellent selection of beans to choose from for a filter coffee to fit all budgets. They bring you the ground beans to smell before brewing, so you can fully appreciate the coffee. Non-dairy alternative milk is offered. English spoken.

Buckle Tip Coffee – Location
Buckle Tip Coffee – Facebook

The Perfect Pair – Coffee & Chocolate

Two blocks away from Villa Alejandro is The Perfect Pair. It’s the perfect place to enjoy delicious coffee and awesome chocolate treats within a great atmosphere.

The Perfect Pair Location
The Perfect Pair website

Kotowa Chocolate Victoria

Located next to the Boquete Brewing Company, this is a chocolate lover’s heaven. Kotowa Chocolate Victoria serves freshly prepared natural drinks using local Cacao, and lots of delicious chocolate treats. The service is excellent. Highly recommended. 

Kotowa Chocolate Victoria Location
Kotowa Chocolate Victoria on Instagram

Don Nery Coffee

Lovely, small coffee shop up in the mountains with a spectacular view and a great deck. It’s out of town but worth the ride, about 15 minutes by car. Located inside the Don Nery Coffee Farm in the Alto Quiel area.

Don Nery Coffee – Location
Don Nery Coffee Shop – Facebook

Cafe Mirador El Parador

Must to go location! Breathtaking view of the Boquete valley, the impressive Barú Volcano, partial view of the Chiriqui province landscape and Pacific Ocean from the back balcony. Located away from town in the Jaramillo area, 15 minutes by car. Have some coffee or local pastries while enjoying the magnificent sight.

Cafe Mirador El Parador – Location
Cafe Mirador El Parador – Facebook  

Treats & Desserts

Fresas Café

Boquete is famous for its strawberries! Fresas Cafe, is a small establishment to buy a wide variety of strawberry creations: frozen popsicles, strawberries with cream, condensed milk, yogurt, Nutella, and much more. Also coffee and other hot drinks. Just 6 minutes by car, in the area of Los Naranjos. A must stop that cannot be missed when visiting Boquete. 

Fresas Café – Location
fresas Cafe – Facebook

Gelateria La Ghiotta

Delicious gelato, including favors familiar and less common (tisamisu, black forest, etc.) Try coffee, Pitaya and Yogurt.

Gelateria La Ghiotta – Location 
Gelateria La Ghiotta – Facebook 

Fresas Mary

Need some dessert ideas? Look no further than Fresas Mary! Their delicious strawberry treats are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!
Only 5 minutes drive from the town of boquete

Fresas Mary Location
Fresas Mary Instragam

Saori’s Ice Cream Co

Top quality homemade ice cream. Try the salted caramel brownie.

Saori’s Ice Cream Co Location
Saori’s Ice Cream Co Instagram

Pubs & Bars

Boquete Brewing Company

If you want to enjoy a chilled, artisanal beer, the best place in town is the Boquete Brewing Company. It’s a great place to enjoy a beer that’s not Panama/Balboa/Soberana. They serve craft ales and refreshing ciders, all enjoyed on their comfortable terrace with regular live music sessions.

Boquete Brewing Company Location
Boquete Brewing Company website

Mike’s Global Grill

If you feel like mingling with an international crowd or catching up with the latest soccer, basketball or football matches, head to Mike’s Global Grill. The menu is international with an American slant, you’ll find live Sport on the screen and an upbeat atmosphere. This is one of the favorite hangouts for the North American community living in Boquete.

Mike’s Global Grill Location
Mike’s Global Grill website

Dale Pues!

Fun vibes by riverside.  Cheap drinks and food, mixed drinks not as much alcohol (@$1.99, can’t complain).  Good hangout with friends. Pretty popular.

Dale Pues! Location
Dale Pues! Instagram