Enjoy a happier retirement in Boquete, Panama

It’s official! Panama has been voted as the best place to retire in the world in 2022 by International Living and the town of Boquete is home to the largest expat community in Panama. 

It’s not surprising that Boquete is so popular with American and European expats with its all-year-round Spring climate, healthy mountain environment and the enticing Pensionado Visa. In fact, Forbes Magazine reported that Panama was the No.1 destination to quit your job and live abroad.

Let’s take a look at seven reasons why Boquete in Panama is one of the top retirement destinations in the world and a great real estate investment for the future. 

Panama Retirement Visa

The Panama Retirement Visa (Visa de Pensionado) allows foreign retirees or individuals with guaranteed lifelong pensions (minimum $1000 per month)  to obtain a legal residency to live in Panama.

There are many benefits to obtaining the Visa de Pensionado including tax exemptions, discounts off of a myriad of services and purchases, such as prescriptions, medical consultations and hospital bills, utility bills and dental care. 

It even offers discounts on leisure purchases such as hotel stays, restaurants, airline tickets and entertainment (cinema, concert and theatre bookings).

There is no maximum age limit on applying for the Panama Retirement Visa and anyone over the age of 18 who fits the criteria of a lifelong pension may apply. The pension or annuity can be paid by a private company, military, government agencies, corporations, a bank, an insurance company, or a Trust. 

Visit the Embassy of Panama website for details on applying for the Panama Retirement Visa and all of its benefits.

Panama is the sixth happiest country in the world!

In October 2021, Panama was placed sixth on the Happy Planet Index.  The index measures how well each nation is doing at achieving long, happy and sustainable lives. 

The index collates information and statistics from the Gallup World Poll, United Nations and the Global Footprint Network, calculating a country’s well being, multiplied by the average life expectancy and divided by its ecological footprint. 

This year Panama came sixth out of 156 countries with an above-average life expectancy and scored high for offering a happier lifestyle and well being. It’s the perfect relaxed, natural and healthy lifestyle for retirees looking for a better quality of life.

The World Economic Forum also listed Panama as the best place to retire for its Carbon Negative status (Top 3 worldwide), tropical climate, friendly people and safe living environment.

Boquete Climate

Often touted as the “Land of Eternal Spring,” Boquete offers weather conditions that are nothing short of idyllic for tourists looking for comfort and a break from the extreme temperatures.

Boquete is located in the mountainous highlands of Panama at an elevation of about 1,200 meters above sea level (3,937 feet) which contributes to its moderate temperatures. Year-round, you can expect daytime highs ranging from 65°F to 75°F (18°C to 24°C).

This is a refreshing contrast to the sweltering heat that characterizes much of Panama. The nights are cool but not cold, making it perfect for a cozy evening by the fireplace or a nighttime stroll.

While the mornings usually start with bright sunshine, expect showers in the afternoon, typical for a tropical rainforest climate.

Light clothing for daytime adventures and a sweater or light jacket for the evenings should suffice. Don’t forget a raincoat or an umbrella, particularly during the wet season

Live better for less in Panama

A better quality of life and the opportunity to live for less in Panama. What more could you ask for in a retirement destination?

Local Boquete relocation expert, Jackie Lange explains that prices in Panama have hardly increased in the last few years, with 2021 Panama prices comparable to prices that she paid in 2010 back in her hometown of Texas.

For more detailed information on moving to Panama access the Panama Relocation Tour website, best relocation source of Panama.

Of course, being able to live for less in Panama depends on the lifestyle you lead, but in general house prices – both purchase and rental prices, utility bills, health care and food costs are all considerably lower compared to the US and Europe. 

And then, of course, you have the Panama Retirement Visa as mentioned above.

Find out from Jackie Lange’s clients what they love about living in Boquete

Healthy & Relaxing Environment

Great visa conditions, lower cost of living, a happier place to live and a wonderfully mild climate. All good reasons for considering retirement to Boquete in Panama, and on top of these, of course, you also have our wonderful healthy and relaxing environment in Boquete.

This happy-go-lucky town offers a relaxed way of life for expat retirees, but ‘relaxed’ doesn’t mean ‘bored’ in Boquete. 

There is so much to see and do in and around town. Play golf on a local championship course, enjoy a day’s pampering at a luxury spa resort, or get out into the incredible natural environment experience some of the best and most beautiful hiking trails in Central America, 

Around town, you can soak up the colourful and friendly atmosphere in our central park, or enjoy lunch in an expat-friendly or authentic Panama restaurant. Find out more about what to see and do in our Top Things to Do in Boquete Guide or visit the Panama Tourism website for heaps of ideas for what to do during your stay in the Chiriqui Highlands.

Boquete Expat Community

Boquete is home to the largest expat and renter community in Panama. The year-round Spring-like climate appeals to nationalities from all over the world but is especially popular with American and Canadian expats.

If you are considering relocating or retiring to Boquete you’ll be able to enjoy a mix of authentic Panama life and culture and meet new friends that speak your language and share common interests.

Local volunteer groups have set up a library, a community theater, and there is an amazing art and music scene.

Another great way to meet new friends is to hang out at the Tuesday Market or the Gringo Market as it’s affectionately known or at The Boquete Sandwich Shop, a fabulous American diner, which is just two minutes walk from Villa Alejandro! 

There are outdoor pursuits and hobby clubs, for activities such as bird watching and hiking, or learning woodwork, photography or knitting. There are lots of options to choose from!

Why not connect already with the local expat community in Boquete through these Facebook pages and find out what life is like here in the beautiful Chiriqui Highlands?