Escape your daily routine and step into Villa Alejandro, the trendsetter where our incredible journey began.

We’re not your run-of-the-mill hotel; we’re a getaway for the unconventional soul. Just a 5-minute walk to Boquete downtown! Get a taste of our unique Cocinetas Experience, or zoom through your day with Panama’s fastest WiFi, clocking in at 1000mb/s. So why settle for less? Villa Alejandro is where the extraordinary happens every day. Visit our best price guarantee page to get the best offer. You won’t regret it!

Our 3 types of accommodations:



Villa Alejandro_Junior Suite_Living Space
Villa Alejandro_Junior Suite_sofa
Villa Alejandro_Junior Suite_breakfast bar
Villa Alejandro_Junior Suite_kitchen
Villa Alejandro_Junior Suite_bed
Villa Alejandro_Junior Suite_bed detail
Villa Alejandro_Junior Suite_bathroom
Villa Alejandro_Junior Suite_lighting


Villa Alejandro_Casita 1_exterior
Villa Alejandro_Casita 1_living space
Villa Alejandro_Casita 1_sofa detail 2
Villa Alejandro_Casita 1_sofa detail
Villa Alejandro_Casita 1_breakfast bar
Villa Alejandro_Casita 1_breakfast
Villa Alejandro_Casita 1_kitchen bar
Villa Alejandro_Casita 1_bed
Villa Alejandro_Casita 1_bed detail
Villa Alejandro_Casita 1_bathroom 2
Villa Alejandro_Casita 1_bathroom
Villa Alejandro_Casita 1_toiletries

Make Your Special Occasion Sparkle at Villa Alejandro!

Go all out and make your special moment magical with our Celebration Decoration Package. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, engagement or other milestone, we’ll create an over-the-top experience you’ll always cherish. Celebrate in style at Villa Alejandro – We’ve got everything to make your special occasion sparkle!