Introducing the coolest hotel brand in Boquete: Villa Alejandro.

This brand is so unconventional and unusual that it will blow your mind. And the best part? It won’t blow your wallet!

Say hello to our Fab Four locations in Boquete:

Get the difference!

Forget overpriced minibars:

The Kitchenette Experience at Villa Alejandro. 

Villa Alejandro is rewriting the recipe for your perfect stay!

Our 3 types of accommodations:

 Casitas: Cozy, comfy, and yes, cook-friendly! Professionally equipped kitchenettes. Bring your recipes to life without ever leaving your private abode. 


Suites: Our high-end Suites have well-equipped kitchenettes that make this the dream stay for the seasoned chef or the romantic at heart.


Rooms: Tight on budget but big on taste? Fear not! For those who book a room without a private kitchenette our shared kitchen space is like your favorite food truck but stationary. And guess what? You’re the chef!

Habitación Colíbri_La Residencia Boquete Panama_Cover

So bring your own groceries and whip up a meal fit for a chef!

Get exclusive discounts at selected bars, restaurants and coffee shops all over Boquete during your stay by booking at one of our Villa Alejandro hotels!

Enjoy fiber optic powered WiFi in all our accomodations. Fastest possible internet in Panamá – up to 1000mb/s.

Villa Alejandro offers the ultimate cozy day indoors with an incredible cable TV selection, spanning channels from Alaska to Argentina with hundreds of cable TV channels at your fingertips, you can embark on a thrilling channel-surfing adventure without ever leaving the comfort of your accomodation. Remember, when it comes to TV entertainment, we’ve got America covered Literally! Plus your favorite platforms as Youtube, Netflix & Spotify.

At all our hotels and accommodations we offer for free: tea and coffee produced locally in Boquete, purified spring water from the slopes of the Baru Volcano in our eco-friendly dispensers, as much as you desire!

Don’t miss the opportunity to book at our Hotel Spa with Boquete’s best masseuse: Fatima a heavenly massage experience. All our hotel guest receive a tantalizing 10% disscount.

Get Pumped at Villa Alejandro! We’ve teamed up with Ismofitness, Boquete’s Elite Gym, for an unbeatable fitness deal. Your first workout? On us! After that, sweat it out for just $6.50 a day!

Love’s in the air! Surprise your partner with a room dressed to impress: Flowers, balloons, and bubbly for a romantic giggle-fest. Ask for our professional decoration service!

At Villa Alejandro, we’re not just a hotel – we’re your Personal Concierge Service, your tour guide, your restaurant reservation specialist, your massage scheduler, and your room decorator! All rolled into one. You just focus on what really matters – Having fun and creating unforgettable memories.

Wait, there’s more! Villa Alejandro has a strict “no shoes” policy in all accommodations. You heard that right – no shoes allowed! Don’t worry though, we provide slippers so your feet won’t get cold. And you know what that means? The rooms are cleaner than your ex’s conscience!

Our accommodations are not just clean, they’re also furnished in an exceptional way – tasteful, elegant, and modern. Think sleek lines, bold colors, and cool accents.

Looking for a place to wash your clothes? Don’t worry we take care of that! Ask at the front desk for the price of our special Villa Alejandro laundry and drying service.

And if you book directly with Villa Alejandro, we guarantee you the best price. No third-party platforms can beat that!

So what are you waiting for? Book your stay at Villa Alejandro now and experience the best of Boquete without breaking the bank. Your feet (and wallet) will thank you!

Last on the list, but first in your hearts— Meet the Villa Alejandro crew! None of this epicness at Villa Alejandro would even be possible without our fabulous team. They’re not just the closing credits, they’re the blockbuster hit!

Only 4 minutes walk from downtown, quiet and safe, beautiful view. The perfect synthesis between country style and modern furnishing elements. Where the success story began 5 years ago.

Villa Alejandro_Casita 3_living
Villa Alejandro_Casita Familiar_living room
Villa Alejandro_Junior Suite_Living Space

Elegance, modern design and good taste in the interior creates a unique atmosphere in this jewel of Panamanian architecture, located in a paradise. Just a 10 minute walk from downtown Boquete.

Embedded in a tropical garden with colorful hibiscus and orchids, babbling creeks and tickling waterfalls, at the banks of the Palo Alto river, is this paradise of relaxation and tranquility located. A visit to the hotel’s spa, run by celebrated masseuse Fatima, completes the extraordinary experience. Just a 10 minute drive to Boquete downtown.

One of Boquete’s finest & most luxurious vacation homes, where modern architecture meets sleek contemporary furnishings. Only a 3 minute walk to downtown, in an atmosphere of calmness and security, the brand new resort El Cielo with its distinctive blue cabins offers a fantastic view of the Chriqui highlands mountains.

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Get a 10% discount

Experience a tailor-made Spa escape, in our own Hotel Spa meticulously designed to invigorate your senses and soothe your soul. Surrender to the healing hands of Fatima, our celebrated massage virtuoso renowned for her mastery in Boquete.

Create unforgettable memories.

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